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Taking over, where your locks leave off.

One of the best deterrence’s to burglars is a secure home or business. Make it hard for them to either enter or exit your property with quality solid doors, respected brand deadlocks, window locks and sliding door pins etc, Look for the weakest point, the easiest point of entry to your home and make it more secure. A well secured front door won’t help much against intruders, if the back or side of your home is not at least as secure. Preferably more, as down the side/back of your property, a burglar can generally take more time, or use more force to enter your property.

But at the end of the day, even the most secure of locks and doors won’t stop a determined thief armed with a long crowbar or a sledgehammer. That’s where a security system, home alarm and CCTV camera system comes into play.

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Deadbolts Gold Coast – Essential Home Security

Deadbolts or deadlocks are a type of lock which requires the key to manually rotate the lock cylinder before it will open. They differ from regular locks in this way, regular locks have the barrel held in place by a spring. It’s much easier to cause this spring to fail, than it is to turn a locked barrel without a key, thus deadlocks offer more protection from burglars then regular locks.

Deadlocks come in a few different varieties, for example.

  • Single cylinder – Key on one side, but with a turning knob on the other. These varieties should be avoided. A burglar who gains entry to your house through a window will be able to unlock this type of deadlock from the inside without a key.
  • Double Cylinder. Key required on both sides, these deadlocks have no internal knob. They are far more secure, though somewhat less convenient.
  • Vertical deadbolts –
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Think like a burglar when securing your home

A few tips to keeping a burglar guessing. The modus operandi of the professional burglar goes like this.

  1. Case an area looking for a soft target. Preferably a single floor dwelling (easier to exit from fast) with high fences or shrubs obscuring visibility by neighbours. Pick a target and park a block away. Often stolen plates will be on the getaway car.
  2. Walk up to the front door and ring the bell. Someone answers? Pretend you are looking for a different address, are lost, are selling something etc. If you ever have someone do this to you, take your phone out and take a photo of them. Don’t worry if they see you doing it. Explain that there have been some burglaries in the area and neighbourhood watch has advised home owners to photograph any new faces in the area.
  3. No answer at the front door? Good
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