Domestic Locksmith Services

Domestic Locksmith Services- Allcoast LocksmithsProfessional Domestic Locksmith Services

Looking for domestic locksmith services here on the Gold Coast? Whilst our Allcoast emergency locksmith service is very popular, we’d be more than happy to perform domestic lock smithing for you.

Sure, after a break-in, or when you’ve lost your keys, you require the services of an emergency locksmith, but we can save you the pain entirely from these sorts of situations if you call us on 0406 333 300 to come and help BEFORE things go pear shaped.

As a domestic home visit locksmith, we can pop over and:

  1. Give your home a security check-up. Make recommendations about security weak spots. Test door locks, deadbolts and window locks.
  2. Replace or repair any locks where needed.
  3. Cut extra keys to replace missing or damaged keys.
  4. Rekey barrels – much cheaper than replacing the whole lock and a great idea if you’ve recently moved in.
  5. Got a safe that needs servicing? We can check that out for you as well.
  6. Screen doors are a big security weakness and their locks are typically not great. We can sort these out for you.
  7. Thinking to go with the extra security of security doors and / or windows? We install them too.
  8. Got a garage door or backyard shed? Both are usually soft targets for opportunist thieves. Let us secure their contents for you. Even more important is ensuring the Garage can’t be used as an easy point of entry to your house – or even to hide a thieves car/van whilst he empties your house into it then drives away!

Almost all work can be done on site. Call Allcoast Locksmiths today on 0406 333 300.

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If you require the immediate assistance of our 24 hour emergency locksmith services, or would like to have your home or business premises safeguarded by a cutting-edge security setup, contact the team at Allcoast Locksmiths today! Trusted Gold Coast Locksmith for over 25 years.

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