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Taking over, where your locks leave off.

One of the best deterrence’s to burglars is a secure home or business. Make it hard for them to either enter or exit your property with quality solid doors, respected brand deadlocks, window locks and sliding door pins etc, Look for the weakest point, the easiest point of entry to your home and make it more secure. A well secured front door won’t help much against intruders, if the back or side of your home is not at least as secure. Preferably more, as down the side/back of your property, a burglar can generally take more time, or use more force to enter your property.

But at the end of the day, even the most secure of locks and doors won’t stop a determined thief armed with a long crowbar or a sledgehammer. That’s where a security system, home alarm and CCTV camera system comes into play.

It’s very difficult to leisurely search a house if a very loud alarm is going off inside and outside the house with a red flashing light on the front of your house indicating something amiss is inside. It’s very important however, that you keep your home alarm system properly maintained, and not set to go off if a dog runs in front of a sensor. The alarm should be linked to definite home perimeter breaches only, such as a window being broken or a door kicked in. If your alarm goes off too many times for no reason… expect it to be ignored by the neighbours when it’s actually triggered.

A CCTV camera system hooked up to a warning system can not only trigger an alarm it can send a message to you and/or a security company about the breach and even provide you access to cctv footage of the crooks at work. Since many crooks case their targets during the day, you may well find footage of the crooks on camera prior to them donning balaclavas.

Visible motion detectors above windows are doors accompanied by warning messages that your house security system is monitored 24 hours a day are also great deterrents. Don’t bother with the large, plastic fake ones with the red flashing light. They practically scream ‘Toy! Break in now, there are things worth steeling inside!’

Typically, we install larger, long range security cameras in car parks and commercial premises, and more discrete devices in homes. They will still create a deterrent, without making your home appearing like a security complex.

CCTV cameras are also a great way of being able to see who is at the front door at any time. They can alert you to an intruder well before the intruder even makes an attempt to enter your property.

A pin activated central property locking system is also great way to prevent accidental breaches of your home or business security. Quality locks are no use if they are not engaged. All it takes it a single window accidentally left unlocked for all your quality locks to be rendered useless. With a key pad controlled central locking system this would be completely avoidable.

So if you are ready to take the next step with your home or business security with an alarm, centralised locking system or CCTV camera system, talk to use today about options that will best suit your needs and budget.

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