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Deadbolts or deadlocks are a type of lock which requires the key to manually rotate the lock cylinder before it will open. They differ from regular locks in this way, regular locks have the barrel held in place by a spring. It’s much easier to cause this spring to fail, than it is to turn a locked barrel without a key, thus deadlocks offer more protection from burglars then regular locks.

Deadlocks come in a few different varieties, for example.

  • Single cylinder – Key on one side, but with a turning knob on the other. These varieties should be avoided. A burglar who gains entry to your house through a window will be able to unlock this type of deadlock from the inside without a key.
  • Double Cylinder. Key required on both sides, these deadlocks have no internal knob. They are far more secure, though somewhat less convenient.
  • Vertical deadbolts – Instead of the deadbolt turning INTO the door, the bolt turns UP into the deadbolt mechanism, making prying the door open more difficult.

Why use a deadbolt?

  • They are more difficult to open than a normal lock.
  • If the crook decides not to even try picking the lock, instead to break the door, the deadlock will ensure more force needs to be applied, its going to deter some and more noise will be created which may attract people to the burglary.
  • Deadlocks are usually required by insurance companies. No deadlocks? Contents insurance policies are unlikely to be honoured.
  • It’s impossible to accidentally lock an open deadlocked door. You’d be surprised at the number of people that leave their regular locks unlocked by accident, even leaving the door slightly ajar.
  • They prevent someone gaining access by smashing a small side window, then reach in and opening the door from the inside.

Safety Alert!
Deadlocks keep crooks out, but they can also keep you inside at times when you desire a quick exit for example during a fire. It’s recommended a key be left in the deadlock at night to allow for a quick exit in an emergency.

Remember when adding deadlocks to your doors, that some burglars will simply move on to another part of your house in order to find easy access, so ensure your windows all have latches, locks, patio doors are solid, secure doors and are lockable. Sliding doors can even have their own deadlocks with a reinforced strike-plate to prevent bump opens (We will cover that in another article “bumping locks”).

All deadlocks are not Equal
Some of the cheaper brands of deadlock are subject to a known security weakness that allows a home made master key to be inserted into the lock, with the key then “bumped” to engage the key. It’s essential when installing deadlocks to only use the most reputable brands or you are simply wasting your time. Quality deadlocks with a reinforced bump proof strike plate are essential. Talk to us today about our bump proof deadlocks. Call 0406 333 300 today!

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