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At some point, almost everyone reaches into their pocket or purse to retrieve their keys to open their home, business or car, only to come up empty. The keys are nowhere to be found. Perhaps lost, perhaps forgotten… perhaps locked inside the place you want to be. Whatever the situation, It’s times like these, you need a 24 Hour Locksmith Gold Coast. If you are Gold Coast based, AllCoast Locksmiths are here to help. We know such moments are not ones you will cherish forever, so we focus on keeping the pain to a minimum. We always arrive quickly, our prices are very reasonable and we do all that is needed to make a bad situation better.


  1. When you call us to help out with your emergency locksmith needs – expect us to provide an accurate estimate as to when we will arrive, and an accurate quote as well.
  2. We will arrive as quickly as possible. Our team are locals, we know the fastest ways to all places on the Gold Coast and our vans are equipped with quality GPS systems that can provide an accurate estimate of how long it will take to arrive at your destination and when we will arrive.
  3. If on inspection we realise the work is more involved than first thought and going to cost more – we will discuss this with you first rather than proceeding. Examples might be a lock is damaged beyond repair and requires a replacement. We always look out for you and always endeavour to provide the most affordable, speedy outcome, but there are times when an exact phone quote is not possible over the phone.
  4. We will ensure your emergency locksmith service was performed in a friendly, professional manner and we hope to make a bad situation better….and to also help prevent it happening to you again! Make no mistake, we want your future locksmith business but we know paying for emergency locksmith services stings, so let us help you make sure that sting never happens again.
  5. When we arrive? We are going to need to see some ID. The law is very clear on this… we can’t just break into any old premises on the whim of a phone call. You need to prove you have a right for us to gain said entry. We will need to take a copy of your ID in case there is any issue in the future as to your right to entry of the property. We also need you to prove you have a right to be in the premises. A driver’s licence could be out of date, but knowing the contents of your fridge? That’s going to be current information! Gaining access to a premise or vehicle is serious business. We take these measures for our client’s security and because the law dictates it, so please be ready to assist us with these checks.

After it’s all done and dusted and you are back inside, we’d be grateful if you’d take a moment to visit our Facebook page or our Google Plus page. Good or bad – we want to hear about your experience with our emergency locksmith team member. (We hope it was good, of course). We accept all praise and criticism, knowing either way it helps us to improve our service.


With our 30 minute guaranteed response time on all emergency call-outs, 24 hours a day, you’ll never be locked be out of your home, car or office for long. Contact Allcoast Locksmiths today, trusted 24 Hr Gold Coast Emergency Locksmith for over 30 years.

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If you require the immediate assistance of our 24 hour emergency locksmith services, or would like to have your home or business premises safeguarded by a cutting-edge security setup, contact the team at Allcoast Locksmiths today! Trusted Gold Coast Locksmith for over 25 years.

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