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Lately we‘re getting more and more enquiries regarding installation of key-less entry systems and ist no wonder as there is so much to love about them. Here are some of the reasons we’ve been given for wanting a system.

  1. An 11-year-old daughter has a house key because she finishes school before we get home from work. Twice now she has left her jacket on the bus wallet and key in it. Whether founded it would easy access to our home.
  2. We rent our house out for eight weeks of the year through air B&B which allows us to pay for holidays that we don‘t like the idea that someone who we know little about then may have permanent access to a home after copying our keys.
  3. We have a cleaner that comes Tuesdays.  We don‘t want to give her a key but we also don‘t play here her and look after she leaves. We want a system where she can enter the house but only on Tuesdays and only during the time that she is working.
  4. I have a key-less entry for my car, a nomination for my bike… I only carry keys around it all you need keys to get into my house.
  5. We currently have a special type of security lock on our fun back keys that can only be replicated by certain locksmiths, we have to show a special authority and loss dollars each time.  The result is we are too nervous to leave keys with our younger children who are prone to losing everything and they can‘t get into the house unless someone is home. We want a better system that just works.
  6. When I leave the home and lock it I want to be sure that the whole house is locked not just the door I locked is there some way you can install a system that will lock all doors at once and tell me if there are any windows open that the closing?
  7. My vision is not good and I have arthritis in my fingers. Finding the keyhole and turning the key is becoming more of a problem.
  8. I often get deliveries at home by courier and like the career to be able to place them inside my enclosed front balcony. I can‘t give the courier key is there some other solution can offer me so they can block the balcony easily behind them.

So many reasons to get a keyless entry!

Keyless entry for homes comes in very different options, and price ranges. Basic systems simply replace the lock on your door, and all who enter need to have a pin number to enter. They can not be opened by short circuiting them with water or by damaging the pad. (That only works in low budget sci-fi movies).

More high tech systems allow for centralised home locking, remote access via a phone app or remote control, communication with a home security camera system etc.

The system installed depends on your needs and budget.

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