Broken Key and transponder in Mermaid Beach

Bit of a funny one today, with a keys locked-in car scenario.

Car makers are always coming up with new and seemingly foolproof ways to stop people from locking their keys in their cars, for example.

  1. First, we had cars that could only be locked by a key in the door. No more slamming the locked door shut just as you spot the keys still in the ignition.
  2. Then, we had doors that could be locked by a push of a button. Open doors closed after the “lock door” button was pressed would unlock on the closure of the door to prevent accidental locking of the doors, leaving keys on the seat and locked in keys.

But as clever as car makers get, there is always someone who can find some way to circumvent this safety measure. Like my client yesterday from mermaid Beach. This is how it went down.

New client (let’s call him, a largish tradesman… “max”). Max was parking his van in a pretty tight spot… he remembers muttering that people should learn to park straight… but park safely completed he exited the car.

The exit was a little ungraceful, and required an amount of wriggling and pulling of the stomach due to the proximity of said poorly parked car beside Max’s work van. Instead of placing his keys in his pocket, he kept them in his left hand. As he pushed the driver’s door shut he somehow dropped his keys instead of the car door and the door closed on them, triggering the “lock car” button on the key. There was an ominous crunching sound, followed by a BEEP BEEP to let him know his van was now securely locked.

He stands there for a moment in disbelief. He has achieved the near possible. Locking his keys in a “lock keys in car” proof car.

Lucky for him I am a trained professional and do not laugh in these sorts of situations. Not even a smirk from me – I am a true professional. I kept the laughter till later on down the pub when I was telling my mates the story.

Car Locked Out Solution for Transponder Problems

I had the van unlocked in less than 90 seconds and the keys retrieved but there was more bad news. The transponder/door opener part of the key was now smashed and unusable(its last act on this earth was to lock the keys in the car ) and the key itself, was snapped.

In Max’s case, the key and keyless opener were all-in-ones. So he needed a new key and transponder all in one. He decided to go with a generic key/transponder replacement on the spot – far less than the brand name one would have cost and just as effective

Have you found some way to circumvent the safety measure of your car and somehow still managed to lock your keys in? You’d be surprised just how many people manage to do it. If that’s you, I’d love to hear from you, leave a comment in the comments section below.

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